• Culinary Arts Academy

    “The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland opened my eyes to where I can be and what I can do – it’s inspiring!”


    Thomas Gibson, UK, Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts

  • Hotel Institute of Montreux

    “At Hotel Institute Montreux the learning environment, the well-planned courses and the supportive professors have provided me with the knowledge and experience I need to become a successful hospitality manager.”


    Helen Pöschke, Germany, Bachelor of Business Administration


  • Montreux Business University - MBU

    "Phil Porter is one of the most talented HR professionals with whom I have worked. His calm, thoughtful and mature approach was instrumental in resolving some of the most difficult employee relations issues we experienced in the developmental stage of our Orange business in Switzerland. He also made a critical contribution in the start-up phase of our company in Thailand".

    Andreas S. Wetter, CEO, Orange, Switzerland

  • Surval Montreux

    "Surval summer camp was a great experience for all of us. We made new friends from all over the world and bonded with love and compassion. Our days were filled with fun activities and not one minute was wasted during the days. We enjoyed every bit of it and we'll always treasure the moments we had. "


    Noura from Kuwait

  • Les Elfes

    "Thank you, Les Elfes for helping me have the best trip ever! The last two weeks have been the best of my life. Skiing was amazing fun. Met so many new friends, overcome so many fears - bridge swinging and paragliding...Whew!. So Thanks a lot!"


    Les Elfes Camper

  • IFM University

    "My experience at IFM university was very beneficial to me. Indeed, the knowledge I gained there was both theoretical and practical, transmitted by professors who are expert in their field and who prepared me perfectly well to the business world.”


    Nirosha Balasubramaniam
    Public Relations, Strategic Communications, UNHCR

  • Geneva Business School

    "My last year at GBS I followed a dual diploma. I have developed skills and techniques in developing business, marketing plans, managing team and conflict in a business environment. I decided to develop my own business in Nice oriented on the co-working environment. All that is thanks to the education GBS has given me."


    Arthur LUINI from France, MBA, International Management


  • Brillantmont

    "Model United Nations has played the most vital and important role in my time at Brillantmont as it has sparked my ambition to study politics at a top university."


    Marc from Spain joined Brilliantmont in 2009. 

  • Aiglon

    "We would like to thank you and all the staff at Aiglon for the wonderful experience that our daughter had in July. We’re glad to see that Aiglon College is still, after so many years, a top level offer for a teenager’s education."


    A Proud Parent