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About Veltracon Lifestyle - Education


In the field of education, be it a boarding school, a university or a holiday camp, Veltracon Lifestyle saves parents a great amount of precious time by putting them in touch with the most competent and stimulating academic institution. Veltracon Lifestyle helps parents find the best international school, university or holiday camp that will ensure that their children's requirements are met, and that their personal needs are handled with utmost care and dedication.

Through a combination of synergy team work and a network of well-knit affiliations, we cover a full spectrum of academic services together with our esteemed education partners.

The Veltracon Lifestyle community relishes in its international diversity through which both our education partners and our students benefit from the opportunity to learn about each other and develop shared experiences that exceed their expectations.


Our services do not incur any extra costs. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us anytime and wish to thank you for your continued trust.

About Veltracon Lifestyle

Veltracon Lifestyle is an international agency specialised in the “Luxury” sector.

Our operations were founded in Montreux, Switzerland in 2004. Since then, we have expanded our presence in Europe to Germany in addition to the United States.

Through our founding members, Veltracon Lifestyle benefits from more than ten years of experience delivering first-rate, exclusive products and tailor-made services. We have gained our customers’ trust simply because we succeeded in understanding their most profound concerns and handled their needs with utmost care and dedication.

By using our services, Veltracon Lifestyle saves you a good amount of precious time in your search for a personalised service or an exclusive product that is rare, out-of-stock or of limited edition. Our expertise covers various sectors from Private education, Private clinics, Luxury products, Automobile and Transportation to worldwide Events, Vacations and Private celebrations.

Veltracon Lifestyle is based in USA (Florida) and has offices in Switzerland (Montreux) and in Germany (Dusseldorf).

We work with private prestigious schools and clinics in Switzerland as well as with famous car manufacturers, worldwide event organisers, private airlines and yachts and famous fashion and jewellery brands such as Patek Philippe, Hermès and more.

Since 2004, we have been helping parents place their children in the finest schools, patients meet their miracle doctors, luxury collectors find the missing watch or their vintage car model, women glow wearing their personalised piece of jewellery or Hermès Birkin bag, influential personalities fly to their destinations in total luxury or relax at an exclusive beach or ski resort - not to forget star lovers who were able to find, with our help, last minute seats to their dream concert, favourite red-carpet or sports event.

7 Reasons to choose Veltracon Lifestyle

  1. highly specialised in the “Luxury” business since 2004, offering high-net-worth products and fast tailor-made services
  2. operates as part of an international luxury network
  3. guarantees full customer satisfaction
  4. free client counselling
  5. rewarding customer feedback
  6. is affiliated with prestigious partners
  7. works in the true sense of a real family office, looking after clients precious needs