Haut Lac


STUDENTS AGE18 months - 18 y/o
STUDENT BODYcirca 240 students


Students at Haut-Lac live and learn in a bilingual and multicultural environment. They are provided with a rich and varied dual-language academic and extra-curricular programme. Our aim is to give each student the opportunity to develop his / her full potential in the two working languages of the school – French and English. The development of organisational skills is highlighted from an early age to enable students to meet the challenges of the demanding bilingual programme. The concept of intercultural awareness is consistently promoted and students are helped to realise the importance of effective communication as the key to local integration and global understanding. We believe that a bilingual educational programme enhances cognitive development and encourages students to be more organised in their work, more imaginative in their thinking and more sensitive to the needs of others. Families are encouraged to appreciate the fundamental importance of the continued promotion of their mother-tongue(s) and their native culture in relation to their children’s personal and linguistic growth. Our students are supported at all times to become increasingly more competent in the different languages to which they are exposed, allowing them to actively and confidently apply their skills and abilities within their everyday lives.


At Haut-Lac all students are encouraged to work and learn in two languages – English and French. The bilingual academic curriculum at Haut-Lac begins in the Infant / Primary school with the implementation of an internally developed approach based on linked learning. This leads into the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in the Secondary school, adopted because the values it promotes closely correspond to our school’s philosophy, and culminates in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which prepares students for entry into further education. In the Infant / Primary school the children in the bilingual classes follow their programme with a 50/50 language split (one day / one day). Students whose projected time of stay is too short to acquire the necessary proficiency to fully access Haut-Lac’s bilingual curriculum may be given the opportunity to study predominantly in English, whilst still having one lesson in French per day from the age of three.

At the Secondary level, the choice of principal language determines the structure of a student’s programme of studies. The proportion of French and English represented in any individual’s timetable can be adapted at different stages in response to his / her abilities and requirements. Diploma level students have the option to work towards obtaining a bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Extra-curricular activities in French and English, or a combination of both, form an integral part of school life. These experiences support the progress made within the academic programme and help students feel at ease in either language environment. German is introduced in the upper Primary school. Spanish is a subject option at IB MYP level.